Tire Talent Launches New Program For Job Seekers

Tire Talent has announced a new program that partners users with their own talent agent who can help with job searches, advice and career goals. The free, invite-only service is called the Talent Agent Program (TAP). Candidates must already be in Tire Talent’s pipeline and invited by company managers.

“Even the smallest names in the entertainment industry have talent agents, whether they are authors, actors, or musicians, why shouldn’t you?” a recent company blog post states.

Tire Talent is in its third year as a dedicated tire industry recruiting firm. The new TAP program was designed for applicants who are tired of submitting resumes with no response or hiring headhunters who are distracted by a large pipeline of clients, company founder Mike Cioffi said.

“It’s really a vision of always striving to add massive value to the tire industry and being the premier ‘go to’ resource for talent services within the tire industry,” he said.