Tire Industry Association Launches EV Advisory Council

Jul 11, 2022

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has launched the Electric Vehicle Advisory Council (EVAC) to begin evaluating the impact of rising electric vehicle (EV) production on the tire industry. The council will focus on educating and training tire and auto dealers on the proper service techniques and procedures for EVs, establishing potential safety protocols when working on them, and delivering best practices for service and maintenance.

Ron Lautzenheiser, a Big O Tires and Grease Monkey franchisee and a former TIA board member, serves as chair of the new council. Lautzenheiser is an electric vehicle service advocate based in Fort Collins, CO. Joining him on the council are …
Bryan Willson, executive director of the Colorado State University Energy Institute.
Craig Van Batenberg, CEO of the Automotive Career Development Center.
Debra Hamlin, a TIA board member and secretary-elect, who is director of commercial business, environment, health, safety and sustainability at Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations.
John Evankovich, director of Sam’s Club’s Tire & Battery Centers and a past TIA president.
Jim Pangle, TIA vice president and incoming president, who is a business development specialist for Fountain Tire.
Dave Zielasko, TIA vice president of marketing and communications.
Roy Littlefield IV, TIA director of government affairs, who will serve as staff adviser and meeting coordinator.

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