Teletrac Navman Integrates With Fleetio To Enhance Fleet Maintenance Capabilities

Teletrac Navman has announced a new integration with the fleet management software company Fleetio. The partnership combines Teletrac Navman telematics data with Fleetio’s capabilities to automatically sync odometer readings at regular intervals, keeping preventative maintenance workflow up to date. With data flowing from Teletrac Navman to Fleetio, users can see both a vehicle’s current location and driving status.

Other features of the Teletrac Navman and Fleetio partnership include …
• Fleet managers can customize how they receive and view data, such as measuring in engine hours versus mileage.
• Fleetio’s maintenance provider network connects customers to shops around the United States, helping drivers find shops and get back on the road quickly.
• A comprehensive view of maintenance costs that assists fleet managers in making decisions and in tracking the total cost of ownership by vehicle.
• Updates on repairs at regular intervals so managers can estimate time out of service.

“This partnership enhances the already robust maintenance capabilities we have, providing managers more data points on crucial vehicle health in a streamlined dashboard that displays data they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access in one place,” said Marco Encinas, a senior product manager at Teletrac Navman. “This helps managers spot potentially problematic trends over time before they result in a major breakdown, reducing downtime and costly repairs.”