TechForce Foundation Debuts ‘Because I’m a Tech’ Campaign

The TechForce Foundation — a non-profit focused on championing students to and through their technical education and into careers as professional technicians — launched a campaign late last month called “Because I’m a Tech.” Its debut coincided with Labor Day.

The initiative is intended to teach teens and parents that a technical education and career is a viable path to a rewarding future. It also emphasizes the opportunities available for professional technicians in today’s transportation industry.

More specifically, the “Because I’m a Tech” campaign is designed to …
• Connect students who are hands-on learners and problem-solvers; who love fixing and making things work; and who have an affinity for computers, diagnostics and technology to an education and career that fits them;
• Teach parents and their teens about the social and economic opportunities of pursuing a technical education and career as a professional, trained technician;
• Ease fears as well as help parents and influencers understand how and why these careers are no longer considered “blue collar” but rather “new collar;”
• Demonstrate that technicians are not being replaced by automation and technology, but rather advanced by it;
• Help teens and parents see how real people are building rich and fulfilling lives because they are techs; and
• Demonstrate where and how to get started by providing a roadmap” to success;

“Today’s techs are well paid, highly skilled, hands-on problem solvers who are not burdened by massive school debt like their four-year school counterparts,” said Jennifer Maher, the CEO and executive director of TechForce. “As we change the outdated image of this profession, we can get more students interested in becoming technicians.”