Shyftauto Expands Pickup/Delivery Service In North Carolina

Shyftauto, an on-demand pickup and delivery app that connects consumers to service facilities for car service, is expanding in North Carolina. Originally available in the Greenville and Winterville areas, Shyftauto is now also available in the Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte metro areas.

Shyftauto launched earlier this year and is piloting the service through a North Carolina dealer group with 100 stores.

The app is designed to improve the consumer experience for vehicle service while helping service facilities boost customer service scores and increase retention, Shyftauto Founder and CEO Marcus Aman said. The app is free to consumers. Shops pay $599 a month to participate.

The consumer schedules from the app and can track the status of their service, accept or decline additional work, chat with the service department, and pay from the app.

Shops set their capacity by selecting the amount of bays they want to use for this service, also the desired amount of appointments and times they want to offer pickup and delivery. They can add their services, typical duration of services, pricing, recommended services, and specials or offers.

Shyftauto is working mainly with dealerships, but is open to independent service providers that can provide the staffing to facilitate its pickup and delivery process.

The company markets the app through regional salespeople, social media, word of mouth, phone calls and more.

The company plans to expand nationally and eventually globally, Aman said. “We look to grow rapidly, adding 1,000 stores by next year this time,” he said.