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Secure Vehicle Interface To Be Demonstrated At AAPEX

The Auto Care Association — in partnership with Q-Free, Concepts & Services Solutions (CSC), OnBoard Security, Green Hills Software/Integrity Security Services (GHS/ISS) and CarMD/Innova — plans to showcase the Secure Vehicle Interface (SVI) at AAPEX this year. SVI is billed as providing the automotive aftermarket and vehicle owners with secure and standardized access to In-Vehicle Networks (IVN) for operational, maintenance and driver behavioral data access.

This comes at a time of debate over who has access to, and control of, vehicle data and diagnostics. Case in point: proposed legislation in Massachusetts to update the state’s Right to Repair law to include telematics.

“SVI is a collection of technical design standards that ensure vehicle data interfaces always enable safe, secure, and standardized consumer access and control of the data their car generates,” Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association, said in an announcement dated Oct. 9. “If a car owner is unable to directly access and control the data their car produces, then they can’t determine where or how they have their vehicle serviced.”

At AAPEX, attendees will be able to see SVI design features in action, including …
A demonstration of how SVI provides secured and standardized access to sensor and control networks for typical Data Trouble Codes (DTCs) or repair codes. Using the Open Driving Platform (ODP) as an implementation of SVI standards, attendees can see the secure connection to the IVN of a 2018 Dodge Charger while it monitors and diagnoses the vehicle. Using the SVI-enabled interface, the system can measure and report vehicle roadworthiness, diagnostics, and generate emergency notifications — like an automated crash notification, punctured tire or engine alert — all while in motion.
A demonstration showing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) connectivity for estimated arrival time and traffic conditions. The demo will show ITS connectivity with infrastructure using shuttle busses transporting passengers between the AAPEX and SEMA shows. Passengers will be able to access real-time ETA, traffic and vehicle data using their smartphones.
A demonstration showcasing real-time vehicle data information alongside remote real-time diagnostics. Attendees can explore the city beyond the Las Vegas Strip, and see monitoring and vehicle health data for the 2018 Dodge Charger, using secure ITS stations to display traffic, speed, geolocation and more.

AAPEX attendees can view these demonstrations Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 at the Auto Care SVI Booth #31021 located in the “Technology of Tomorrow” section of the Venetian Ballroom.

“SVI’s internationally standardized design enables a smarter, more efficient global infrastructure where vehicles can ‘talk’ to infrastructure components like roadside controllers, traffic lights, emergency vehicles and more,” said Joe Register, vice president of emerging technologies at the Auto Care Association. “As a result of SVI’s standardized authentication and security specifications, both new and existing vehicles will be able to adapt to an evolving driving environment.”

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