Sears Auto Center/Amazon Tire Installation Program Expands

Sears Auto Centers’ “Ship-to-Store” collaboration with Amazon has expanded to an additional 71 shops. This allows tires ordered on Amazon to be installed at a total of 118 Sears Auto Centers — up from the original 47 locations.

Customers who opt for “Ship-to-Store” receive full-service tire installation and balancing at Sears Auto Centers. The option is integrated into the Amazon checkout process. Customers select their tires, the Sears Auto Centers location, and a preferred date and time for installation. Sears Auto Centers then contacts the customer to confirm the appointment.

“Amazon customer reviews have been very positive, and we are two months ahead of schedule,” said Mike McCarthy, vice president and general manager of Sears Automotive. “Customers are taking advantage of additional services during the tire installation process, such as oil changes and alignments. We are meeting our 60-minute tire installation commitment, and over 90 percent of the Amazon customers are new Sears Automotive customers.”

“Ship-to-Store” tire installation is expected to continue rolling out to Sears Auto Centers across the United States over the coming weeks. The goal is to eventually offer the service at all 400-plus Sears Auto Centers.