RepairPal Ranks Best and Worst Cities For Car Repairs

According to RepairPal, Jacksonville, FL is the best city for car repair and Honolulu is the worst. The conclusions are part of the company’s new study called “America’s Best and Worst Cities for Auto Repair.”

RepairPal used information from multiple sources — including its own internal data from shops nationwide, the U.S. Census and Federal Highway Administration — and based its results on criteria including the number of auto mechanics per car, labor rates, repair invoice totals and road quality.

According to the study, the East Coast overall is most affordable for car owners, while the West Coast is the most expensive. Areas such as Jacksonville, FL; Greensboro, NC; and Richmond, VA fared best when taking into account repair bills, mechanic availability and road conditions. The best 13 cities for car repair are east of the Mississippi, according to the study.

Hawaiians and Californians can expect the highest car repair bills, with six of the 10 worst cities for car repair located in California, according to the report.

There were few bright spots in the Golden State, other than San Diego, which has better-maintained roads and plenty of mechanics to offset higher repair costs.

“We found that California car repairs are generally much more expensive, and road quality there suffers,” Joseph Audette, head of product at RepairPal, said. “Meanwhile, on the East Coast, car repair bills were significantly lower, and road conditions are often better.”

To read the full study, click here.