RepairPal Partners With JustAnswer

JustAnswer — a question-and-answer website that connects people to live, qualified technicians for on-demand professional service — is partnering with RepairPal.

JustAnswer customers in need of a car repair can chat online with a verified automotive technician who will answer their questions and, if needed, assist them with finding a local RepairPal-certified shop. Additionally, DIY consumers on who want help with difficult repairs also can receive make-specific help from JustAnswer techs by using the site’s online integrated chat experience.

“Auto repair at JustAnswer is one of our most popular categories, with millions of people from around the world seeking professional help on our platform. However, not every problem or repair can be fixed through online help,” said JustAnswer CEO and Founder Andy Kurtzig. “That’s why we’re looking forward to recommending RepairPal-certified shops to our customers, where we know they will receive affordable, high-quality repairs from mechanics they can trust. And, with RepairPal’s integration of our service, the DIYer gets the expert help they need to solve their mechanical problems quickly and affordably.”

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