OWI Is Now Sole N.A. Distributor Of BASF Glysantin Coolant/Antifreeze

Expanding on our reporting from last week, Old World Industries (OWI) is now the sole distributor and strategic partner of BASF Glysantin automotive coolant and antifreeze products in the North American market, defined as the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Under the agreement, OWI will offer BASF Glysantin automotive coolant and antifreeze products through its own portfolio of brands, including Peak Coolant + Antifreeze. And, OWI will use its distribution network to supply dealerships and retail locations with Glysantin products.

“North America is the most important automotive coolants market in the world,” Brian Liberman, vice president of fuel and lubricant solutions for BASF, said in a Sept. 20 announcement. “This partnership with OWI will enable us to rapidly commercialize our premium Glysantin products through OWI brands and its vast distribution network, and we are excited about the future of this partnership.”

In addition to the partnership with BASF, Northbrook, IL-based OWI will continue to develop and leverage its own coolant and antifreeze technology to cater to the needs of consumers and OEMs. OWI bills itself as the No.-1 antifreeze and engine coolant supplier in the United States.

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