Ohio Cheapest Place For ‘Check Engine Light’ Repairs

Ohio had the lowest average “Check Engine Light” (CEL) repair cost in 2018 at $354.24 — improving one spot from last year in the latest state ranking from CarMD.com Corp. The next most affordable states for car repairs were …
• Maine – $354.38
• Michigan – $356.16
• Wisconsin – $356.84
• Vermont – $359.64

At the other end of the spectrum was the District of Columbia at $414.02 — its second year in a row with this particular distinction. The next most expensive states for repairs were …
• Connecticut at $413.91
• California – $403.13
• Georgia – $402.66
• New Jersey – $401.59

“Several factors contribute to a state’s average repair costs, including vehicle age and type, how difficult the repair is, parts required, how much time is needed to make the repair, and what the repair shop charges per hour,” explained David Rich, technical director for CarMD.

A few highlights from CarMD’s new study …
• Car repair costs are going up. The average cost to repair a CEL in Ohio was $354.24 — nearly 6% higher than the previous year, when drivers in Ohio paid $335.26 on average for parts and labor.
• The average cost to repair a CEL issue in the District of Columbia was $414.02 — up nearly 3% year-over-year and a few dollars higher than the previously reported high of $410.98 back in 2016.
• For the third consecutive year, Vermont vehicle owners had the lowest average labor cost at $134.53, attributable to a loose or missing gas cap being the most common cause of a CEL in the state, accounting for 7.8% of repairs.
Drivers in Mississippi paid the most for labor at $163.97, as the most common repair was to replace ignition coils and spark plugs.
• Drivers in Connecticut paid the most on average for parts at $264.60, while drivers in Michigan paid the least for parts at $201.74. The most frequently recommended repair in both states was to replace one or more oxygen sensor.

CarMD analyzed data from more than 11.40 million cars, trucks, vans and SUVs needing repairs in 2018 to compile its ranking. Click here to get more insights from the report, including the ability to see the complete ranking of U.S. states and districts.