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NPW Expanding In The Northwest

National Performance Warehouse Companies (NPW) is acquiring Performance Warehouse in the Pacific Northwest — a move that would expand NPW’s presence on the West Coast. The deal is expected to close Oct. 15, according to NPW. Both companies are members of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance and The AAM Group.

The transaction would add warehouses in Hillsboro, OR and Tacoma, WA, giving NPW a total of 19 warehouses across the United States and Canada. The deal also includes four stores (three in California and one in Idaho).

Performance Warehouse would continue to operate with J.R. Moore at the helm and Mark Noble overseeing the two warehouse operations and four stores. Additionally, Bonnie Delaney of Performance Warehouse would join the NPW marketing team.

The 22 Baxter Auto Parts stores in Oregon and nine stores in Washington would continue to operate with Ken MooreJim Moore and Kim Cham.

“Baxter Auto Parts will continue to operate 35 locations in Oregon, Washington and California,” said a spokesman for Baxter. “The Baxter management team is excited to be partnering with NPW.”

(Note: There are also two Baxter stores in California and two locations of Interstate Auto Parts Warehouse in Oregon).

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