Mudlick Mail Gets A New Name, Wider Purview

Clearview Capital has launched a new full-service marketing agency called UpSwell, which was formed through the combination of Mudlick Mail and Muscle Up Marketing, two specialty marketing firms that Clearview acquired back in 2018.

Mudlick was a provider of customized direct-mail campaigns for clients, particularly businesses in the automotive repair and dental industries. Muscle Up specialized in multichannel print and digital marketing campaigns for businesses in the fitness and wellness sectors.

The merged firms have been operating under the Mudlick umbrella. But, according to management, a new name was needed to reflect the agency’s focus on growth across sectors. UpSwell’s mission is to help clients in a variety of industries attract new customers using data-driven marketing.

“We’ve expanded our capabilities to handle all aspects of marketing on a variety of platforms,” UpSwell President Tim Ross said in an announcement dated March 4. “With that full-service approach and our emphasis on hyper-local targeting, we feel confident that our clients will reach the consumers most likely to become customers.”

In addition to Ross, who founded Mudlick, UpSwell’s management includes Muscle Up Founder Jon Butts, who now serves as senior vice president of marketing; CEO Zenon Olbrys; and Senior Vice President of Sales Nelson Rodenmayer.