Motor Announces New Products To Integrate Repair Order Transactions

Motor Information Systems, a Hearst company, has announced two new products designed to integrate repair order transactions between shop management systems and third-party software and service providers. According to the company, the new automotive data suite, Motor Insights, allows shops to connect to the cloud and bridge the gap across a variety of service record formats and standards.

Motor Shop Connect is designed to help third-party software and service providers integrate with shops by providing detailed repair order data from the aftermarket via the cloud. “By supporting all major aftermarket shop management systems, software and service providers may integrate their community of shops more effectively and join an existing network of more than 20,000 shops,” the company stated in an announcement dated Aug. 2. “Insights include detailed service and vehicle activity and history, such as service location, description and dates of service and repair, vehicle part details, manufacturer information and more.”

Motor Campaign Connect is designed to help third-party software and service providers and marketing companies drive demand to shops with a cloud-based solution that powers marketing campaigns, such as service reminder programs, product and service promotions, customer service index (CSI) surveys and more. Insights include vehicle service details plus full VIN, customer name, address, phone and email.

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