Monro Now Accepting WEX Fleet Cards In The East

Monro Inc. is now accepting WEX fleet payment cards at more than 1,100 locations operating under eight regional brands throughout the eastern United States. The participating auto shops and tire stores are …
Monro Muffler Brake & Service;
Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers;
Tread Quarters Discount Tire Auto Service Centers;
AutoTire Car Care Centers;
Ken Towery’s Tire & AutoCare;
Tire Warehouse Tires for Less;
Tire Barn Warehouse; and
The Tire Choice & Total Car Care.

WEX serviced 11.50 million vehicles globally in 2017. Approximately 90 percent of those vehicles were in the United States, according to the company. The payment cards provide high-level purchase controls at the point of sale, allowing fleets to restrict purchases and receive automated alerts, as well as the ability to exclude, control or decline noncompliant transactions.

WEX operates via direct contractual relationships with the merchant and the fleet, according to Bob Mentzinger, WEX’s marketing content manager.

“Our proprietary closed-loop network allows WEX customers to perform customized analysis and reporting on the efficiency of their vehicles and the purchasing behavior of their drivers,” Mentzinger said. “This data is available to WEX fleet customers through traditional reporting services and sophisticated web-based data analysis tools, such as ClearView. Additionally, we have the ability to refine the information reporting provided to our fleet customers and customers of our strategic relationships.”