Mojio And Mechanic Advisor Unite Platforms

Mojio and Mechanic Advisor have unveiled auto repair shop technology that uses real-time telematics data from connected fleets for remote vehicle diagnostics and automated retention marketing.

The new service, called Steermatics, will be fully integrated within Steer, Mechanic Advisor’s next-generation customer relationship management (CRM) system for auto repair shops.

Participating repair shops will be able to purchase 4G LTE-connected OBD-II devices to be installed in their fleet customers’ vehicles, allowing the collection of telematics data.

Shop technicians will be able to remotely monitor the fleet’s vehicles via a user interface that links the data with Steer’s automated marketing and customer communication tools.

When a vehicle is in need of service — whether for regular maintenance or for an unexpected repair — both the fleet customer and the service technician will receive automated alerts and information about the issue, including the recommended course of action and online scheduling to simplify the appointment-booking process. Additionally, shops will be able to send quotes and invoice a customer directly.

Business owners who connect their fleet vehicles to Steermatics via a participating repair shop also will have the opportunity to subscribe to the Force by Mojio fleet management service. Key features include live GPS location tracking with safety, security and maintenance alerts; detailed trip history with safety scores for drivers; and vehicle health monitoring with maintenance management, diagnostic alerts, recall information and Mojio’s TireCheck tool to identify tires that are in need of replacement.

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