Mitchell Int’l Partners With VeriFacts For Audit, Inspection Services

Mitchell International (San Diego) has announced a partnership with VeriFacts Automotive for audit and inspection field services in support of Mitchell’s OEM Collision Repair Network Solutions, which is offered to OEMs, fleets and other industry participants. The alliance will help facilitate the launch of the General Motors Collision Repair Network, which is administered by Mitchell.

VeriFacts will remain the verification company for the Cadillac Aluminum Program.

Michael Lawlor is the vice president of auto physical damage strategic partnerships for Mitchell. He said that Mitchell’s software helps facilitate properly executed repair procedures; however, the physical inspection of a repair facility is critical in evaluating its readiness for participation in Mitchell’s quality-focused programs.

“We’re excited that VeriFacts will focus its well-regarded expertise on these inspections, which assess prospective program participants and their capabilities,” Lawlor said.