Matco Touts Anti-Idling Technology For Mobile Tool Trucks

Volta Power Systems and Summit Bodyworks are partnering with Matco Tools on anti-idling systems for mobile tool trucks. Volta builds lithium ion energy systems for various mobile applications, including RVs, utility vehicles and work trucks. Summit Bodyworks has over 30 years of experience building custom tool stores and other specialty vehicles.

Matco released a line of trucks featuring the energy-saving systems last month at its National Tool Expo Conference in San Diego.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our franchisees and customers a better, quieter, more environmentally conscious shopping and selling experience,” said Matco President Tim Gilmore. “The Volta system will also help our franchisees cut maintenance costs by cutting the strain of continuous engine idling.”

This comes at a time when more than half of all states have idling-reduction or restrictive emissions laws.