Mach1 Building A National Roadside Assistance Provider Network

The makers of Mach1, a roadside assistance app in the final stages of beta testing, are recruiting service providers for a nationwide network. Mach1 will dispatch the closest service provider in real time through an automated process and dispatching system.

The app will offer eight services: tow truck, out-of-fuel, lockout, dead battery, flat tire, mobile mechanic, trip inspection and a local non-emergency police connection. Service providers can offer any combination of those services and are not required to have a tow truck.

The provider chooses the price for services, and payment is processed in the app, which includes direct text and call communication with customers. The app is free to download.

Service providers pay an operating fee at the time of transaction that averages 15% across the United States, according to the company.

The first consumer launch is scheduled for San Antonio in late June or early July, with all of Texas next on the expansion list. More launch locations will be based on provider sign-ups.

“We have been growing large networks in other areas as well that we can expect to launch in, in tandem with parts of Texas or shortly thereafter,” Co-Founder and President Laura Narpaul said.

Thus far, more than 350 providers have signed on in 36 states, Narpaul said.

Mach1 is using a multi-channel marketing approach — including social media, email, phone calls, direct mail, trade show booths, and in-person meetings, as well as grass roots efforts — to spread the word.

Provider vetting includes background checks and safety training check lists. Businesses provide primary contact details, business information and proof of insurance.

The company has almost completed its pre-seed round funding and will be looking to go directly into the seed funding round by the third or fourth quarter of this year.      — Sarah Hollander