FutureTech Plans Auto Software And Electronics Boot Camps

FutureTech Auto has scheduled several automotive software and electronics boot camps in Las Vegas and in Portland, OR starting in December  and running through March 2020. A pilot course this summer sold out, so FutureTech expects a market demand for the this type of training.

The five-day courses range from fundamental to intermediate and advanced levels, and include hands-on projects with instructor lectures blended into activities. Skills learned can be applied to electrified vehicle systems, such as the Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius, to name a few.

FutureTech’s goal is to train today’s automotive professionals to successfully adapt to technology changes and to avoid future displacement by electronics and programming diagnostic professionals.

Boot camp participants will learn how to quickly and inexpensively build circuits and software that permit them to build their own diagnostic tools or training aids, according to FutureTech. In turn, they will then have the ability to control or influence the vehicle’s system operations for the purpose of diagnosing real (or simulated) problems.

The training also will address electric drivetrains, autonomous vehicle systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and telematics.

“The industry’s desire to understand, maintain and repair vehicle components has overshadowed the need to understand what drives the components: the software and electronics,” vehicle electrification technologist Mark Quarto said. “Modern vehicles are complex and very software-based. Automotive technicians and educators need to acquire skills and experiences that will permit them to flexibly adapt.”

Quarto designed and developed the training curriculum, and will instruct each of the boot camps. For more information on dates, locations and cost, click here.

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