Fleetio Integrates Its Software With Shops

Fleetio’s fleet maintenance software now directly integrates with point-of-sale systems at national and independent maintenance shops around the country. Data can now flow automatically from a shop’s system into Fleetio’s system without manual logging.

“As soon as service work is performed and logged at a shop in the POS, that information (including line-item-level work performed, parts costs, labor costs, etc …) is automatically logged in Fleetio as well,” Director of Marketing Lori Sullivan said.

Users can set up automatic approvals based on certain parameters like price, service type and vendor, or choose to receive instant notifications for repair work in order to approve or deny them with one click, according to the company.

The service is free to users of Fleetio Manage, the company’s fleet maintenance software. It’s also no cost to shops that are a part of the maintenance provider network that Fleetio is growing.

Through the network, users can automatically pull data into Fleetio from over 30,000 shops, including national providers like Firestone, Pep Boys, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Sears Auto Centers and Monro Auto Service & Tire Centers. The network also includes over 22,000 independent shops, according to Fleetio.