Fewer U.S. Vehicles With Open Recalls, According To Carfax

The open recall problem in the U.S. is improving, according to Carfax, but millions of drivers and car buyers are still at risk. Annual research findings from Carfax indicate that there are over 52 million recalled vehicles on the road that haven’t been fixed. That means one out of every five registered vehicles has an open recall. The states where this problem is most glaring are …
• Mississippi (24.7%).
• Texas (24.6%).
• Louisiana (23.7%).
• Alabama (22.2%).
• New Mexico (22.1%).
• Arkansas (21.6%).

States with the most vehicles with open recalls are …
• California (6.30 million).
• Texas (5.50 million).
• Florida (3.20 million).
• Pennsylvania (2.20 million).
• New York (2.10 million).

Nonetheless, open recalls have declined over the last two years, going from 63 million in 2017 to 57 million in 2018 to 52 million now, according to Carfax. The company attributes the trend to use of free recall monitoring services and checks for open recalls during state vehicle inspections.