How do I log in?

Go to In the upper right, enter your Username & Password. You username is always the email address you receive the email at, the email address you used when you subscribed.

How do I recover my password or username?

Just click on the Lost your password? link below the log in area and the system will send you a temporary password. You username is always the email address you receive the email at, the email address you used when you subscribed.

How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in, you can easily change your password – especially if you logged in on a temporary or assigned password. After you are logged in, look for the black bar at the very top of the web page. When you drag your cursor over the right side of that bar and click where it says “Howdy”, click “Edit My Profile” and scroll down toward the bottom of the page where is says “New Password,: enter the new password there and click “Update Profile.” That’s all it takes.

Can I change my Username?

In our system, your Username is automatically the email address with which you registered, so your Username cannot change.

Why I am not getting the weekly email notifying the latest issue?

Every week, thousands of folks in this industry receive our emails with no problem. Those few who have a problem have ALWAYS found it to be an internal problem on the receiving end – full mailboxes, system-wide spam filters, computer-based filters, etc. For example, many times we find that people never check the spam folder or quarantine folder, and when they do, the emails are there.

Another factor is the fact that, when we send out the weekly email push, a number of emails from the same address are arriving at your server at the same time and that makes your server think it is being spammed.

We send the weekly push via MailChimp. The link below has all the IP addresses they use. This will allow your IT folks to add the proper information to “whitelist” our delivery.

Can I manage my subscription online?

Yes, indeed. Either click the Subscriptions link on the home page menu bar. This will take you to

Once you are there, you can renew your subscription or place a new order.

To make any other changes, simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of what you need.

How can I change my mailing address information in your subscription system?

Simply email the info to [email protected] and we’ll take care of what you need.

Can I print all or part of The Greensheet?

To protect our copyright, the content on our site has been coded to avoid printing. If you wish to share the newsletter within your organization, we offer a very low-cost Group Subscription program. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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