Epicor Service CRM Gets New Features

The Epicor Service CRM solution for automotive service businesses is now available with a suite of website, search engine optimization and online reputation management features through Optimize Digital Marketing. Optimize is a provider of digital services for automotive businesses, including nearly 4,000 vehicle service locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Epicor Service CRM is designed to help vehicle service businesses attract and retain customers, recapture “drifted away” customers, generate more revenue per vehicle, and maximize their presence in social media and online. Optimize now offers shop owners and service chains the opportunity to extend the capabilities of this business-building technology through a number of additional, turnkey features, including …
• Development and execution of custom digital marketing strategies
• Reputation management, including daily monitoring and content generation, for Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Instagram and Nextdoor.
• Website development, content curation and search engine optimization.
• Digital advertising campaigns

Service professionals using the new Epicor Service CRM offering from Optimize can manage a range of CRM and digital marketing features via a single login and can track the return on investment of all related digital activities from click to cash register.

Epicor also has introduced a closed-loop marketing feature in Epicor Service CRM, designed to help automotive service providers by optimizing the results of marketing campaigns.

Epicor Service CRM’s new closed-loop marketing feature helps users identify the campaigns, messages and other marketing investments that result in service appointments. It manages the campaign process from start to finish, ultimately matching campaign recipients with closed invoices to document revenue derived from the initial marketing investment.

“This innovative feature helps shop owners identify which of their marketing investments are performing best in driving growth and customer loyalty,” said Tim Hardin, senior vice president and general manager of global auto, data and extend services at Epicor. “This insight enables them to continually improve campaign results and, in many cases, redeploy resources to other strategic needs.”

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