Diagnostic Network Announces New Rewards Program

Diagnostic Network has a new rewards program that allows members to incentivize other members to solve a difficult vehicle diagnosis and repair, locate a hard-to-find part or tool, and help with other support requests.

“While there is technical support taking place within the platform today, many modern problems can become quite complex and require a significant time investment for those providing support,” Diagnostic Network President Scott Brown said. “This new system provides a compensation method unlike anything in existence today within a platform dedicated to service industry professionals.”

The program is based on rewards, called bounties, that members can purchase using special $10 tokens. Members can use their bounties to pay for network subscriptions and, soon, for merchandise such as Diagnostic Network shirts, hats and other items. They also can cash out for a percentage of the tokens’ value.

Last May, Brown launched Diagnostic Network, a startup venture aimed at helping automotive, collision, and heavy-duty professionals master the service and repair of modern vehicles. Supported by 16 corporate partners, the platform includes peer discussion, partner collaboration and education.