Christian Brothers Upgrades Its ‘Nice Difference’ Warranty Program

Christian Brothers Automotive Corp. has announced an extension to its “Nice Difference” warranty program, which is available at all Christian Brothers Automotive locations nationwide. Effective Jan. 1, the warranty covers customers for as much as three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes last.

This means that, if a customer puts 36,000 miles on a vehicle in just two years, he or she is covered until the end of the third year. And, if it takes a customer four years to put 36,000 miles on a vehicle, he or she is covered until 36,000 miles.

The extension provides an additional 12,000 miles and one year of protection to Christian Brothers customers. The “Nice Difference” warranty is automatically applied to qualifying repairs or services at no additional cost to the customer. Click here for more information about the extended “Nice Difference” warranty.

Houston-based Christian Brothers has more than 200 shops across 30 states.