CarMD Launches First B2B Product Corp. (Irvine, CA) has debuted its first B2B product, CarMD Pro Scan. Technicians plug the hardware into a car’s OBD port while it’s in the service bay. Pro Scan then scans every module on the vehicle, whether it’s associated with a warning light or not, according to CarMD.

When the scan is complete, a report displays an overview of freeze frame, I/M status, network scan results, OBD2 codes, pending DTCs, possible causes, upcoming maintenance and predicted diagnostics. Dashboard and reporting options allow the shop to customize the customer reports with its logo and the ability to offer coupons for upcoming maintenance and service.

“As vehicles become more reliable, customers bring their cars into the shop less frequently, which is why it is vital to help shops capitalize on each visit,” said Jim Dykstra, vice president of business development and strategy for CarMD and CEO of the Dytech Auto Group. “The CarMD Pro Scan solution is designed to help take care of customer cars more fully than with just a visual inspection by finding hidden work to drive sales.”

The service taps into CarMD’s database of maintenance, repair and vehicle data, and does not require an always-connected dongle. CarMD is marketing the product to small and large repair facilities, lube and oil facilities, and tire and body shops for a monthly fee.