Car Repair Startup RepairSmith, Backed By Daimler AG, Launches

RepairSmith — a startup in the vehicle repair and maintenance market that’s backed by Daimler AG — has launched in the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets. Its offers include online pricing and scheduling, as well as a choice of service location: at home, at work or at a shop.

With RepairSmith’s at-home or at-work service, RS Delivery, a certified RepairSmith technician arrives in a company vehicle, equipped with the tools and parts to complete “the vast majority of all work a vehicle may need,” according to the company. And, if more sophisticated tools are required to get the job done, RepairSmith will take the customer’s vehicle to a RepairSmith-certified shop to complete the repair and return it when the job is done.

The company also allows car owners to drive their own vehicles in for service, an offering it calls RS Drop Off.

RepairSmith is available for all vehicle types; it’s not limited to vehicles manufactured by Daimler AG. According to the company, RepairSmith partners with independent repair shops and is partnered with a few hundred shops in its service areas in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Requirements for its shop partners include …
• Being registered and in good standing with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).
• Having a reputation for quality service and honesty.
• Offering a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.

It’s also worth noting that RepairSmith takes a customized approach when sending customers to its shop partners. The preferences shops select when setting up their accounts dictate the types of repairs the company sends to shops. And, the company’s technicians are not gig workers; they have full-time hours.

RepairSmith plans to expand its service offerings to other major metropolitan areas through the remainder of this year and 2020.