Car Maintenance App BUKL Launches In Toronto

Toronto-based BUKL, which started as a website for instant price quotes on specific auto work, has released a new app that allows users to schedule vehicle maintenance and compare prices at more than 120 service shops in the Toronto area.

The free app allows drivers to select a shop, schedule a service appointment and lock in a price. The app also delivers live notification of work progress.

Participating shops pay a service fee on the total invoice amount. The fee covers curated parts delivery before the customer’s arrival, all work orders and invoices, and payment processing.

BUKL reviews shops on an individual basis.

“The reason we directly onboard these auto shops is to ensure best practice is always maintained on the site, and so that we can personally review the facilities they operate from,” said Jesse Sahlani, BUKL CEO and founder and the son of a longtime shop operator. “We have a dedicated partnership manager for the auto shops to ensure that we can promptly respond to any questions or issues.”

Parts distributors are chosen in a similar manner.

“We work with certain brands of parts, and choose the best part for a repair based on the make of car, price of the part, and availability,” Sahlani said. “It is important to curate these relationships with distributors on a territory-to-territory basis, as we tend to work with local businesses.”

The company is expanding aggressively and plans to move into new markets soon, according to Sahlani.

“Our goal is to expand within Canadian cities to start,” he said. “We have our roots established in Montreal and Vancouver for a soon-to-be announced launch. Ultimately, we do have our eyes on the U.S. market, though it is a matter of strategic timing to ensure effective coverage.”    — Sarah Hollander