BUKL Launching New Tire Service

Toronto-based BUKL plans to launch a new tire service this week thanks to a partnership with Bridgestone Tires and its TireConnect, as well at NTD tires. Drivers will be able to use BUKL to buy tires and have them installed at a network of more than 100 auto shops in the Toronto area.

“These partnerships allow us to give individual shop owners the ability to compete with specialized tire shops through volume discounts and the ability for customers to purchase tires online,” BUKL CEO and Founder Jesse Sahlani said. “At the same time, our customers get competitive rates and multiple locations to choose from around the Greater Toronto area.”

BUKL works with a network of about 200 auto shops in the Toronto area. Users select a shop, lock in a price, schedule a time for service, and pay directly through BUKL’s website or mobile app, which launched earlier this year. About half of the shops have the equipment necessary to provide tire services.