Bridgestone Takes 5% Stake In Avayler

Bridgestone has acquired a 5% stake in the Halfords Group’s automotive software as a service (SaaS) business, Avayler, valuing the business that was launched in 2021 at over $60 million.

In addition, a commercial agreement allows Bridgestone to leverage Avayler’s products in retail stores and mobile applications.

Avayler was developed in-house by Halfords — a large provider of motoring and cycling products and services in the United Kingdom — to manage automotive services across its garage network and mobile vans. This includes …
• Calculating available customer time slots according to the nearest van as well as parts availability.
• Streamlining customer bookings (online, over the phone, and in-store).
• Determining the cheapest and quickest routes to a customer.
• Maximizing worker productivity.

Customers also can track the location and ETA of their service delivery.

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