Bosch Touts New Online, ‘On-Tool’ Technician Platform

Bosch Automotive has announced the launch of Technician Nation, an online and “on-tool” platform that includes a dashboard that aggregates service trends based on scans from techs using Bosch diagnostic tools. These trends can be segmented by geography, vehicle and code. The dashboard reveals trending vehicle issues in a shop’s area, can be used to identify if vehicle problems are trending locally or nationally, and can provide information to help diagnose a vehicle.

Knowing the geographic occurrence of specific vehicle codes, Bosch points out, can help shops plan for tool and equipment purchases, anticipate needed training, and validate vehicle issues with customers.

In addition to having access to data on the Technician Nation platform, subscribers will receive a Technician Nation e-newsletter with information on new trends, as well as tech tips, product updates, promotions and more.

Anyone can sign up to join the Technician Nation platform by visiting, according to Bosch. And, techs who currently use Bosch diagnostic tools or OTC tools with Bosch hardware will have access to sign up for the e-newsletter through their current software.