Bosch, Mojio Develop Emergency Response Tech. For All Vehicles

Bosch and Mojio have unveiled a jointly developed integrated emergency response offering. The technology adds crash detection and emergency call (eCall) response to an existing connected-car offering from Mojio that uses a plug-and-play device for a vehicle’s OBD-II port and a mobile app.

The system senses a collision, assesses its severity and triggers the appropriate emergency response. The new offering — which costs $10 a month and can be used in any vehicle — also includes Wi-Fi connectivity for the vehicle, notifications of engine issues and recall notices, a stolen-vehicle location service, on-demand roadside assistance and more.

The crash detection algorithm from Bosch uses accelerometer sensor data from within a “Made for Mojio” certified OBD-II device to sense and measure a collision in real-time, communicating the crash data to Mojio’s cloud platform and triggering contextual emergency response alerts. Critical data — including the crash time, vehicle location and incident severity — is sent from Mojio’s cloud to Bosch’s eCall system to trigger the dispatch of local emergency responders. And, a simultaneous notification is sent to user-designated emergecy contacts, such as family and friends.

The product is initially being offered to Mojio’s global portfolio of mobile network operator customers, with early deployments to consumers expected by mid-2019 in North America and Europe.