BFGoodrich Hires Salesforce To Improve Customer Engagement

BFGoodrich Tires has partnered with Salesforce and its customer relationship management (CRM) platform to consolidate and improve marketing efforts across email, mobile, social media and digital advertising.

BFGoodrich relies on numerous agency partners for marketing support. And, customer information had been split across each agency. That data will now be unified on one platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

“CRM and advertising used to be two different worlds, but, with customers expecting higher levels of personalization across every brand touchpoint, it’s critical that we bring our customer data together on one trusted CRM platform,” said Scott Robbins, digital communications and social media manager at BFGoodrich.

The goal is to more quickly segment customers based on their needs and interests and to create and send content that is most relevant to them, Salesforce spokeswoman Leslie Grant said. Brand marketing and offers will now be based on the customer, whether it’s a tire reseller or partner or a car or tire enthusiast, for example, she said.

Examples could include welcome messages for new subscribers with educational product information, event messages based on where a customer lives, and post-purchase messages that measure satisfaction and provide ownership resources and benefits.