Guaranteed-468_256 Kiosk/Scheduler Tool Designed To Expedite Check-In Process

Dallas-based has released the Kiosk/Scheduler, a new feature that allows a shop to attach a scheduler to its website so customers can schedule appointments that will go directly into and its soon-to-come shop management system. Alternatively, customers can use the Kiosk/Scheduler to check in at a shop and avoid waiting for an available service advisor.

Chris Cloutier, founder of and co-owner of the multi-shop operation Golden Rule Auto Care, said shops want to be able to schedule appointments online through and have asked for a kiosk for walk-in customers. “We saw the importance of both and created one piece of software to handle both,” Cloutier explained. “Shops will not need to abandon their current web provider and are encouraged to stay with them. We just want to make the digital experience easier by reducing a few more clicks.”