Auto Value, Bumper To Bumper Honor Top Technicians

Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper have announced their “Technicians of the Year” for 2018. They are …
• U.S. Auto Value “Technician of the Year” – Andrew Langello from Vero Beach, FL-based Treasure Coast Automotive, an Auto Value Certified Service Center and customer of Bennett Auto Supply;
• U.S. Bumper to Bumper “Technician of the Year” – Michael Creighton from Creighton’s Auto Repair in Newtown, PA and a customer of Eastern Automotive;
• Canadian Auto Value “Technician of the Year” – Richard Klobier from Tools Motion Auto Service in Airdrie, Alberta and a customer of Central Auto Parts; and
• Auto Value of Mexico “Technician of the Year” – Miguel Solis from Mayasa in Jalisco, Mexico.