Agero Offers Lyft Rides For Drivers Needing A Tow

Agero Inc., a provider of driver assistance services for automotive manufacturers and insurance providers across North America, has announced a partnership with Lyft that’s designed to modernize and streamline the roadside assistance experience. The alliance provides consumers requiring a tow with the option of a complimentary Lyft ride from the disablement location, repair shop, or dealership to their home or destination.

Lyft ride-sharing services are offered during the initial roadside service request with Agero and can be delivered two ways …
• Agent-assisted, where an Agero customer service rep schedules the ride on a customer’s behalf and handles payment directly for a concierge-like experience. Ride information — including approximate arrival time, driver name, vehicle make/model/color and license plate number — is delivered to the customer via text message.
• Self-service, where a voucher code is delivered to a customer via text, allowing the driver to have full control over scheduling the service at their convenience using their own Lyft account.

Agero responds to more than 12 million requests for assistance annually.