Advance Auto Parts Expands TechNet Program

Advance Auto Parts has announced new benefits and offerings for TechNet Professional members, including insurance and affinity benefits. The insurance benefit program allows TechNet member shops to access health insurance plans for an individual, family or small business. This includes medical, dental, life, prescription discounts, disability and pet insurance. Business coverage, as well as human resources and payroll services, launched in May.

Regarding warranties, when motorists have service and repair work performed by an authorized TechNet professional service facility, they are now covered by a nationwide limited repair warranty that extends across North America for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. TechNet also has increased the rate paid for local labor reimbursement claims.

A new TechNet digital menu board is available that displays a shop’s services and pricing, as well as educational programming related to car maintenance and care. The digital menu board is customizable, allowing shops to make updates to showcase their offers, and TechNet can provide custom content tailored to a shop’s program preferences.

A new national installer program partnership with gives shop owners the ability to offer their customers access to Tire America’s inventory for a wide range of vehicles. The pact allows customers to select tires for their vehicles online, with Tire America shipping the tires directly to a TechNet shop for installation.

A TechNet-branded Virtual Vehicle tool supports service recommendations with vehicle system animations that illustrate the cause and effect of each problem. Over 400 animations can be viewed in a shop’s lobby, or can be emailed or texted to a customer.

Virtual Vehicle also is integrated with several shop management systems, allowing the animations to be included in the regular communication process. Additionally, a customized group of animations can be delivered via a lobby monitor or embedded in a shop’s website, providing customer education opportunities.

More than 10,000 shops across the United States and Canada are part of the TechNet banner program, according to Advance. For more information about TechNet and other services available from the company, visit