The Greensheet: Your Source For What’s Happening In The Auto Care Industry!

Auto Care Week, long known in the industry as “The Greensheet,” is the automotive aftermarket’s only truly independent news source. We cover the auto parts market, from parts manufacturer to wholesaler/retailer, and everything in between. We keep you up to date on personnel changes, mergers and acquisitions, new vendor/supplier relationships, financials, legislative and regulatory changes, legal matters, and so much more.

The Greensheet has been the publication of record for the automotive aftermarket since 1975. We publish most Mondays, except for holidays and certain off weeks due to travel commitments.


Service Executive: Focused Coverage of the Vehicle Service Market!

Service Executive – covering major national/regional repair shop networks, software vendors, tool & equipment companies and more – is the companion publication to Auto Care Week (a.ka. The Greensheet), the weekly newsletter considered “The Bible of the Aftermarket.”

Service Executive provides unique news, information and insight you’ll find valuable in your auto care enterprise. And, we have expanded our coverage to include information on dealership service operations and a depth of coverage of this vital market niche that’s not available anywhere else.


Auto Care Week/The Greensheet and Service Executive are unique in the auto care industry in that they are 100% paid-subscriber publications. Everybody who subscribes to our publications pay to receive them. And, that requires us to deliver above and beyond the general churn of the industry’s PR machine. It also allows us to cover any story, without influence — for example, lawsuits, personnel changes and financials.

To be clear: we DO NOT allow anybody to review any of our content prior to publication. We write our own stories, and we decide what stories we will or will not cover. Sometimes, that begins with a press release. Sometimes, it’s based on our own research. In the case of a press release, we do not simply republish announcements word-for-word like many of the advertiser-driven, free publications in our industry. We may opt for a shorter write-up or more in-depth coverage.

One other note: Our subscribers are almost exclusively executive- and management-level professionals in the auto care industry (parts manufacturers, program groups, retailers, technology vendors, etc.), and our content is geared toward what interests them. The majority of the other publications in the industry are geared toward shop owners, countermen, etc. Our coverage is weighted heavily toward M&A, personnel changes, new warehouses, new plants and financials. We do not cover products, new part numbers, etc.



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