1:5 U.S. Vehicles Has An Open Recall

The number of U.S. vehicles on the road with open safety recalls is rising after two consecutive years of declines, according to Carfax. Annual Carfax recall data shows there are over 55.70 million recalled vehicles on the road today that have not been repaired — up 5% from 2019. Open recalls peaked in 2017 at 63 million vehicles.

In 2020, pickup trucks and cars are the vehicles most likely to have unfixed recalls, according to Carfax. The states with the highest number of recalled vehicles are …
• California at 6.80 million.
• Texas at 5.90 million.
• Florida at 3.50 million.
• Pennsylvania at 2.30 million.
• New York at 2.20 million.
• Ohio at 1.90 million.
• Georgia at 1.80 million.
• Illinois at 1.80 million.
• North Carolina at 1.80 million.
• Michigan at 1.50 million.

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